Day: August 9, 2021

I became an Internet Marketer over 25 years ago. 2 and half years ago I still had over 70 websites up and running on a dedicated server. These were and still are very well known Traffic sites with hundreds and thousands of members. However, at that time (2 and half years ago I decided to retire from it all forever. If you are an avid Internet Marketer like me you would well understand that once you get this bug it never ever leaves you and the urge is too strong to get back to it all. I am very extremely flabbergasted how I managed to stay away from it all for this length of time. On 15/06/ 2021 I found myself drawn to renting a Traffic Exchange, was advised by instead and the rest is history. Yesterday, 08/08/2021 I bought my 16th Traffic site. Emaiman ( I guess I am well and truly back in business. As you can see the title of this story is PTC Clix, so the story is very much about PTC CLIX, a site where every click puts real CASH in your pocket. Every click = CASH.                             When I bought PTC CLIX on 30/06/ 2021 it had only 14 members.         As ever I was determined for this site to succeed and my first day’s promotion brought in 11 more members so July 1st saw saw membership increased from 14 to 26 (almost doubled).

By 29/07/2021 PTC CLIX membership had reached 116. At this point I decided to go all out and make a concerted to increase its membership to at least 200 in fastest possible time. My promotion seems to have been working like magic and at the time of writing […]