My Toothache

On Sunday 20/06/2021 at about 23:00 (11:00 p.m.) I developed an unbearable toothache. Problem was emanating from the three bottom teeth on the right side of my mouth. All these teeth have been loose for a few years. My youngest, my daughter (GOD Almighty Always Bless her) tried to get an emergency appointment with our dentist but couldn’t get one until 03/07/2021. Pain, which at most of time was unbearable was driving me crazy but for once I put a brave face on it all which was very surprising given the fact that I have an extremely low threshold of pain. Obviously, I couldn’t eat properly and learned to chew my food on the left side of my mouth which I found to be not only awkward, unfamiliar, strange, at times a struggle and above all time consuming. Mercifully, on Friday 25/06/2021 my daughter eventually managed to get an emergency appointment with my dentist for Saturday 26/06/2021 at 11:25 a.m. My daughter accompanied me to the dentist who x-rayed my teeth and stated I had a gum infection and gave me a prescription for 15 (5×3) Amoxicillin capsules. He stated that I should keep my appointment with him for 03/07/2021 and that he intended to refer me to the dental hospital to sort out the three loose teeth. At the time of writing this (Thursday 01/07/2021 15:22) I am feeling much better but am still avoiding eating or chewing food on the right side of the mouth as I can feel a niggle there. Even though I am not an expert I firmly believe that this bottom right hand side big tooth which is so loose that I can can take out myself definitely needs to be taken out and replaced.

Now did you you honestly needed to know about my teeth and my toothache. Has it been an exhilarating read or has it been a big waste of time both writing and reading it.

Many thanks for reading this article.

Take care and be forever safe!

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