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My Sincere Apologies To All My Customers!

My Sincere Apologies To All My Customers!

I do apologise for not being prompt with sending out your ads.

This was due to first visiting a very close relative in hospital suffering with Cancer who subsequently died. His death left me devastated from which I still have not recoverd mentally. 

This was followed by my aunt death.

Then as they saythat things happen in threes. A third death occurred. My youngest brother’s wife who had been suffering from cancer and been fighting it for over 10 years died a month ago.

Shock after shock after shock and specially to see people much younger than myself dying of cancer left me shattered to say the least.

I have 58 advertising websites and all of these have suffered lately because of what is written above.

To compound it all I have been suffering from a virus for the last five weeks or more and despite having changed antibiotics there is no let up and this morning I was at the hospital for blood test and chest X-rays.

I would like to apologise once again for all the delays caused in sending out your adverts. I brought everything up to date here at DOLLAR TRAFFIC and hope to work on my other sites too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the support website ensuring relevant website is mentioned by name by choosing it from the drop down menu.

I look forward to serving you all much better in future.

Many thanks for all your loyal support.

Please be kind enough to follow me on twitter if possible by using the link below.