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A Reformed Criminal?

A Reformed Criminal?

If you read my last article written yesterday 26/01/2016 entitled “YES! I Confess To The World That I Am A Criminal”, you would certainly agree with me that not to blog for over 15 months was, indeed, worse than criminal.

But you would all be glad to know that this criminal has definitely reformed and is quite contrite too. Believe you me, even at this very moment I am absolutely and extremely appalled at my senselessly criminal behaviour emanating in my abject failure for not blogging for more than 15 months. It is not only inexplicable, more importantly, it is absolutely inexcusable. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to put that right and as per Shakespeare “What is done cannot be undone”.

I really am sorry and quite contrite and determined to ensure that nothing like the past lapse ever happens in the future. I shall endeavour to ensure that I write at least one blog a day, if not more. I intend to stick to it religiously and hope never ever to go astray!



YES! I Confess To The World That I Am A Criminal!

YES! I Confess To The World That I Am A Criminal!

I don’t exactly remember when I started on the internet but it must be some 15 years or so or even beyond. The number of internet users were a fraction of what it is today. In those days there were no such things as Facebook, G+, Twitter or Blogs and to be honest the term Social Media was unheard of, it simply didn’t exist and I don’t think even Google was such a big player as it is today.

When Blogging appeared we all thought of it as Manna from Heaven and we all took to blogging as ducks to water. I use to blog on a daily basis and few years back was even running two websites which were based on WP platform and involved in my searching the web with the relevant keyword and lo, behold, fresh content posted daily on my websites. It was great and like other bloggers I really did enjoy blogging on daily basis.

I firmly believe that blogging is the most important element of any internet presence, venture and or business and as such should be used on daily basis without fail. Obviously, one needs to have an extremely good command of the English language as well as the ability to write sensibly, coherently, succinctly as well as sensitively.

If you have read so far then I sincerely hope that you agree with me that GOD has bestowed me with enough qualities to write a reasonable blog. In fact, I pride myself on my command of the English language and know that I can and do write much better than most. I feel blogging comes naturally to me as does poetry writing in which I have not delved for ages.

Knowing and appreciating the importance of blogging and having the natural bent for writing a reasonable blog is it not criminal to forgo blogging for such a length of time? Indeed, it is criminal to stop blogging without a good reason (and there is never a good reason) and to have written my last blog on 29/12/2013 ,well over 2 years ago, in fact, 15 months ago to be precise. YES! I Confess To The World That I am a Criminal!