How To Add Amazon Affiliate Products or Links To Your WordPress Blog

APRIL 2016 UPDATE: Amazon just changed their affiliate linking system to make it SO much easier!! Now they automatically create a short link for you instead of having to copy the buried link like I show you in this video. Hurray!
How to add Amazon affiliate links and products to your WordPress blog – in text link form, or as photos that link to the products on Amazon. I show you the manual way, or plugins you can use, or widgets. Don't have a WordPress blog? Well, if you can hyperlink (add links to other web pages) in your blog or webpage, then you can use the Amazon Text Link method I show you in the video. And if you wanted a photo of the product, you could take a screenshot of it and insert it as a jpg image next to your text description of the product. If you don't know how to take a photo of what's on your computer screen, here's how:

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